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10 ways to include Antiques at home

Vintage is fashionable but many times that love for the old remains artificial, especially when the decorative pieces are not really old. From there, these ideas will help you.

1- Real antiques

That is the number one rule. If you can have a real old typewriter or camera, why put a plastic one? We can put thousands of more examples: no retro-inspired bikes or old-sounding telephones that have push buttons. If you want an old item, in point two we tell you where you can find them.

Diez formas de incluir ANTIGÜEDADES en casa

2- Markets, your friends

It is the best place to find real antiques at a good price. In Spain, El Rastro de Madrid and Els Encants de Barcelona are two great sources of inspiration, but don’t forget the markets in other European cities when you travel.

3- Upholster that chair

Many times you can revitalize an antique chair, rocking chair or sofa by choosing the perfect upholstery. Well, following the line of the original or completely changing the style. That already depends on what you are going to combine it with later. Remember that if the chair has value per se, you should never throw it away just because its upholstery is old.

4- Lamps and chandeliers

In a contemporary room, a crystal chandelier can be the perfect contrast. And the same goes for old chandeliers. Do not miss the opportunity to get one, it will combine on any surface.

5- Chalk paint strip

It is the fashionable technique and it does not take great skill to carry it out, only the necessary tools. A sideboard or console can have a second life with an unexpected pop of color. It will be the center of your home.

6- Not afraid to combine

You don’t have to turn your home into an antique store. These can coexist perfectly with the most current design. It is just a matter of combining them properly and the result will make the two elements stand out even more.

7-The importance of frames.

We return to point number one. Why buy a retro-inspired frame when you can have a real old one? In addition, it may even be cheaper at a market. A mirror or a painting with an antique frame can be a gem. A unique piece.

Diez formas de incluir ANTIGÜEDADES en casa

8- The fashion of gold

Take advantage of the fact that it is the time for gold to have no qualms about buying pieces in that color. Also, even though it is now having a resurgence against silver, always think that gold never goes out of style. Do not abuse, but a touch will always bring a touch of class to your home.

9- Sculptures and ceramics

In the heat of the effervescence of minimalism it seems that decorative figures are abundant at home but you just have to know which ones and where to place them. A classic bust in white on a glass table is always a success. A ceramic worked on a smooth wall, too.

10- Carpet

Perhaps it is the most difficult thing to find in good condition but if it is found, it will be a treasure. An antique rug will dress the room and completely transform it.

The MOLONI antique dealer

In this cave of Ali Baba of decoration the forty thieves would be lost. Jonathan Roberts (aka Tony Malony), with his particular vision to select furniture “that has a history, that makes you feel and excites”, as he himself says, has led his store in Palma de Mallorca for a year. In the most effervescent neighborhood, Santa Catalina, it is a mestizo display with an industrial touch: you can also find a designer sofa, African tribal art, taxidermy, toys, statues, paintings, maps and world balls, lamps from the 50s and 60s , such as ancient relics and curious objects.

Jonathan buys at markets and contacts in India, southern France, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Africa, India, Thailand, Indonesia and, of course, Mallorca. “I’ve been in this my whole life. As a child, I accompanied my parents on their travels in search of treasures. I run another business, Mozaic, his legacy, but I decided to make my dream come true, the Tony Malony space, which would allow me to create a style without rules ”, he says

What is your specialty?

Furniture that has energy because that is transmitted indoors. Antiques and objects full of life that also have the power to promote conversations, connect generations and remember that things when done well last aging beautifully.

How is your style?

Eclectic and decadent where everything is allowed. I do not do anything revolutionary, but I want to feel again in this world so mechanized. I like the organized chaos, the spaces that make us enjoy and vibrate, take the pieces out of context, show the beauty that can be behind the imperfection and the greatness behind the wear and tear on quality furniture.

Your favorite decorative objects and fetish decorators

I am passionate about tribal art and knowing the history behind each creation. Now I’m also obsessed with mannequins. Philosophers and artists inspire me more than decorators: Aleister Crowley, William Morris, Socrates …, and my father, Michael Roberts, who has taught me to value well-made objects, to have an eye for finding them and to mix them with ingenuity.

Tony detects pieces with value, rescues them and spreads his story preserving his heritage to give them cultural continuity. In this way, it also contributes to environmental sustainability. However, this space does not smell musty, it looks back but with a view to the future and contemporary trends. A completely unpredictable two in one.

Democratizing the VINTAGE

The Trail. That Madrid place where everything begins and everything ends. The finds, Sunday mornings, unlikely outfits and tapas sitting on a sidewalk. Our homeland flea fair. This microworld that never goes out of style is also an excellent conclave of antique dealers and furniture houses where you can browse at ease.

Who needs to go to the Golden Mile, if we have it all here? And now, there is even more desire, since we can look at a new exhibition concept. In what was the well-known Arganzuela 18 space, the renamed IKB191 rings opening bells, with more than 700 square meters and a new neo-antiquarian proposal, which comes from the hand of the select and avant-garde L.A. Studio.

“The neighborhood in general and the Rastro in particular are in a phase of change at many levels, and we are determined to be part of this change”, explains Rubén López, the director of IKB191. “We love its tradition and we work to preserve it, but we also love to see how it is renewed and opened up to more contemporary concepts.

We had to be here!” And what will we find in IKB191?

“Our objective is to bring together the most representative lines and trends of twentieth-century design, making them reach the general public”, says Rubén López. And the idea is powerful: breaking the exhibition format and “creating a space that values ​​the pieces by themselves, playing with the perspective that one has on them”. We go headlong.

IKB191 Piezas de diseño del S. XX

If you are tempted by the French fifties, the Italian seventies and the mid-century North European, this will be a good place to find it. But what we like the most is IKB191’s proposal to democratize vintage: “In our opinion, the success of vintage is mainly due to the attempt to achieve a unique coexistence space. Vintage pieces offer that character that loads of brushstrokes homes of history.

The pseudo-romantic idea that each object and piece of furniture we acquire is loaded with a previous history makes us relate to it in a special and different way, “says the store manager. And how do they hope to achieve that democratization? “We look for furniture that is easily recognizable and understandable to the general public, and that, in this way, it is easy to locate it in any space. Original and quality pieces amply consecrated with other anonymous pieces of the same formal and material quality”, he indicates, to the Once we know that IKB191 proposes “competitive prices, which allow the public to incorporate them into their concept of contemporary housing”.

The selection that you will find in IKB 191 is the result of a “tireless search at an international level where the only premise is instant taste and passion. We only buy pieces that we fell in love with. Mainly in France, Italy, Germany and Scandinavian countries”

In addition to how interesting this vintage proposal for all houses seems to us, it calls us its “new exhibition concept”. “We looked for a way to dynamite the space and show the pieces from different points of view. One of our premises was to create a break with the traditional exhibition formats that were characterized either by accumulation or by the arrangement of sets or environments. We wanted to convey the feeling that our pieces can be played, observed and tested and I think we have succeeded “. New airs for traditional spaces and furniture. Olé.