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Although the philosophy at El Receidor remains the same as when it was founded five years ago, changing from a 100 m2 store to a 500 m2 one is the closest thing to reinventing a business. Without leaving the Sant Antoni neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​for three months his new home has been an old design studio, converted into an open space with a large exhibition area for his large collection of teak furniture.

“We have opened ourselves to a more general public and to incorporate more things, but without losing our vision,” explains Gerard Thomas, founder together with Jorge Carrascosa and Antonio Manuel Figueiredo. Although its owners were born in the 70s, the 50s and 60s are breathed here, with special attention to Danish, English and Norwegian midcentury modern to which they have begun to incorporate reissues of brands such as Artemide.

In addition, its decorative offer, in which the wooden fauna of Kay Bojesen coexists with ceramic panthers and leopards, has been enriched with elements such as a jukebox, a telephone booth or something more daring. “We started with American and French erotic photography from the 60s and 70s. It has undergound charm and respects our style,” concludes Gerard.

el recibidor anticuario


Today begins a new edition of Antique & Chic (and it is already the third) at number two in Madrid’s Calle de Serrano. It will be held from February 21 to 25 … and yes, it coincides with ARCO, because art has many faces and one of the most beautiful and inspiring is the one that takes us through the most historic markets in the world to collect the most special pieces of all.

Here more than 30 professionals from the world of antique dealers, auctioneers and brocantes from different parts of Spain will meet and will delight curious people, buyers and collectors in search of the most exceptional items: porcelain, kitchenware, furniture, sculpture … the most important objects The most precious of the participants come together in this new edition to make the event essential in the world of decoration.

Miguel Arcas, Slou, Antigüedades Merale, Beatriz Bálgoma, Carina Casanova, Estudio Restauración, La Rocking chair, Decodelia, Vide Greniers … are some of the antique dealers that are part of the project this year. And all will be available for five days extras to transmit their knowledge and style to all visitors.

From today, Wednesday, from 11am. at 9pm. and until Sunday at this same time, you can also visit Antique & Chic and enjoy. We love antiquities … and you?



Nekonato means unknown in Esperanto, so we loved the irony because most of what we have are iconic pieces ”, explain Kerstin Mannik and Javier Garcia Cid. Two years ago, this Lithuanian and Spanish married couple left New York and their careers in fashion (she has been a model for Dior, among others) and turned their passion for tracking design jewelry into their life and their craft.

We are specialized in midcentury furniture but we do not limit ourselves ”, they highlight. In its space chaise longues by Oscar Niemeyer are mixed with armchairs by the Danish Arne Vodder, designs by Jaime Hayón with art by Joaquín Millán. Surprise is the norm. “We don’t like to be obvious,” they conclude.

In search of MID CENTURY treasures

Nordic, French and German furniture, and other classic pieces of European design, have coexisted for a long time with the most traditional of Madrid. El Rastro was the ideal place to plant the first seed of a different auction and La Recova settled there eight years ago, when the Mid Century decoration boom had not yet exploded.

Now decorating stores have filled with inspirational furniture from the 50s and 60s but few have authentic pieces in good condition. The work of those in charge of La Recova could be defined as treasure hunters: “We could count tens of thousands of kilometers that we have done in search of small treasures throughout Europe. We are excited to buy and we have always wanted our selection to be personal, that each object or small auxiliary piece of furniture would make us fall in love and define us ”, explains Africa, one of those treasure hunters.

A la busca de tesoros MID CENTURY

They enjoy their work so much that they have wanted to expand and have opened a second store in the Chueca neighborhood of Madrid. “Although our first inspiration was the traditional auction with fifties and sixties objects, MidCentury-La Recova needed to adapt to a different reality,” says Africa. The philosophy is the same but now they add the challenge of finding signature pieces, Italian furniture from the 50s, design with name and surname, and mixing them with their iconic and popular pieces.

A rosewood desk with a bar cabinet by Kai Kristiansen, the famous sideboards by Oman Jun or the exclusive Lady armchair by Marco Zanusso are some of the pieces with which they have inaugurated this new era. The cult of the object remains its leitmotif and, between the elegant Kaiser, Thomas and Bavaria biscuit porcelain or the sculptural Nagel chandeliers, its shops are full of treasures. The difficult thing is choosing which one you want.


One day we saw the open door and we realized what was there ”, explain the interior designers Casa Josephine about the expansion of their studio-store in El Rastro. Covered behind metal sheets was the old portal of the building that, with terrazzo floors, gilt brass joints and plaster, was used as a storage room for the doorman.

Casa Josephine

We were thinking of the Milanese lobbies of the mid-twentieth century, of metaphysical painting or of the Italian postmodern architecture of the 80s. Although it seems too much, the result was very coherent


As a result of his love for twentieth-century design, Javier Quintela set up his picturesque restoration workshop, warehouse and shop in an industrial warehouse on the outskirts of La Coruña. Years later, he moved to the city center and named his location in honor of that warehouse: The Nave.

In Madrid, his new space on Calle Barquillo, retains the same name and similar workmanship. “They are 500 m2 with vintage furniture and a part dedicated to interior design projects,” he explains. Its large selection of chairs, “all authentic”, of Nordic jewels or tiles from the 60s make it a mecca for (many) lovers of the midcentury.

The Nave Madrid


We had wanted to move temporarily to another location for a long time, just like galleries like Rossana Orlandi do in Italy ”, explains Carlos López, owner of the antiquarian and decoration studio in Madrid, L.A. Studio. And since a large part of its public spends these months in Ibiza, they looked there for a unique place

LA Studio Ibiza

He knew they had it as soon as he saw this old brick factory on the outskirts of the capital. Its perforated walls to let in the wind and the hangar-style sheet roofs immediately wowed you. Inside, with a marked industrial aspect, they bet on a more risky and colorful selection than usual, but maintaining that same carefree opulence that characterizes them.

“We do not know how long we will be here, if we will stay the whole year or if next summer we will repeat the location,” says the person in charge of this (in principle) Balearic pop up in which Ponti, Mendini or Kagan acquire the status of artists.

Despiece DECÓ

The interior designer Leandro Barotti and the architect Carlos Tort have transformed an old slaughterhouse, built at the end of the 19th century in the Clot neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​into a studio-showroom in which pieces and styles mix with ease.

In L’Explorateur, finds, new jewelry, antiques, works of art and restored objects coexist. A cabinet of curiosities that holds everything from Art Deco icons to a collection of scented candles by Lalique (they are sold exclusively for Barcelona).

L’Explorateur Barcelona

The duo restores and transforms objects from markets, auctions and antique dealers around the world and imports limited edition products or signature pieces such as llama wool blankets from northern Argentina or glasses from French potters to the peninsula. Both collaborate with other architects, surveyors and designers from the graphic world and to develop from furniture (produced in workshops of small local artisans) to spaces or concepts.

Crossing a small patio behind the store is the home office, a place open to holding events throughout the year (presentations of jewelry, fashion, accessories and art collections), which lead to L’Explorateur in the perfect concept-store.

El anticuario HONRADO

Studio Vintage

Studio Vintage is a Valencian store that has decided to leave the recharged aesthetics and reconvert itself into a gallery with few and select pieces. Its maxim: no aggressive restorations or manipulations.

Studio Vintage has been selecting vintage furniture and pieces for more than a decade, bringing them to the very heart of Valencia, near the Lonja and the Central Market. But this summer, something changed. “I completely renovated it. Before it had ended up being the typical vintage store full of objects and furniture, and I no longer felt comfortable, so I decided to renew (or die) and change the concept”, explains Sento Serrano, its owner.

Now, his proposal is that of “an art and vintage gallery, few pieces, chosen to my liking and as select as possible. All this without triggering prices, but well presented, with space for the client to walk around”. comments this romantic in love with his work, who wants to offer “restored pieces in perfect condition, as fresh from the factory in its time (non-aggressive restorations or manipulations, only faithful to the piece)”.

Just by listening to Sento, we know that we have found the right person: “I consider myself the depositary of my pieces, waiting for their future owners. I like to explain the piece, its context, the reason for those materials or shapes, their rarity or not, and always fit a correct price and that the client leaves satisfied, and that his choice or infatuation does not punish his pocket “. So it does not seem strange to us that he maintains friendship with many of his clients.

Surrounded by special premises, charming restaurants and several antique shops, Sento works here discreetly, obtaining pieces “in auctions and as a sale in inheritance or house sales. Normally they contact me or I look for them abroad”. bill. Look for decoration and furniture items “from the 30s (Art Deco) to the 80s (Memphis)”. And they help him “professionals who restore the pieces under my direction. I buy them, I explain how they should do it and they are very professional and leave them perfect, without manipulation, just clean, treat or polish, but without altering the original piece. I hate it. manipulations or refried “, he says.

My favorite pieces are each and every one I buy

I choose them one by one. I always fall in love with the piece for its quality, design, designer, for having something special, even if it is anonymous (in the end you educate the eye to see special details in apparently non-pedigree pieces) and I wait for the customer who feels that crush again “, says this enthusiast of the trade.

But is vintage a fashion? It will happen? “I think that the vintage fever is already calmer, it has been in the forefront for years and little by little it will consolidate itself more as a classic style for collectors or for a public that looks for these pieces as they can look for Louis XVI furniture. But the future trend and current is to mix styles, old with vintage, modern art with more classic pieces and create personal spaces tailored to the owner that reflect his personality “, he says. And then he goes on to his (honest, sincere) job.